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Health Policy Institute

In our activities, both strategic and operational, we take into account the perspective of patients. We believe that a functional health care system is, above all, a patient-friendly system focused on true and identified patients’ needs.

We have different professional experience, but our personal experience allows us to take into account the perspective of patients also in our professional activities.
All of us have been, are or will be patients. We repeat it like a mantra!

The Health Policy Institute cooperates on a daily basis with organizations representing the interests of patients and their rights. We cooperate both with governmental and numerous non-governmental organizations.




Patients Parliament

As the Institute of Health Policy Poland, we undertake numerous educational activities for patient organizations and in cooperation with patient organizations. We also use the best European practices regarding the education of patients as experts, in particular the achievements of the EUPATI project financed from EU funds

We use numerous publications on patient involvement in decision-making processes in healthcare systems

In particular, we actively participate in Patient Representatives Roundtables under ISPOR