Health Policy Institute

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We believe in the role of education! Reliable knowledge on a given topic allows for a real, fully substantive systemic discussion.

That is why we undertake numerous educational activities: we organize both short but intense webinars, we organize online trainings lasting several hours and several days.

Spreading knowledge about the health care system, international comparisons, evidence-based decision making in health care is our hobby, which we pursue with passion. The fee for webinars is a symbolic donation to the Institute of Health Policy Foundation in the amount of PLN 50.

Our goal is to create a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience, using Polish and international experience. Our presenters are practitioners. We also invite recognized international experts.

The webinars are moderated by the President of the Institute together with Krzysztof Jakubiak.

Anyone can participate, although individual webinars are targeted at specific groups (e.g. hospital managers, primary care physicians, clinical trial managers, patients, students).

Scheduled webinars from the Public Health Practice series:

  • Changes in primary health care
  • Hospital-based HTA
  • EU HTA Regulation
  • Financing healthcare in Poland
  • Change management in healthcare
  • Lean management in healthcare
  • Health statistical data (published by National Health Fund)
  • Epidemiology
  • Biostatistics
  • Clinical trails