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E-health in Poland

  • We cooperate with the CEZ E-Health Center ( ) jas a key institution in Poland in the field of e-health. That is why we are participating in public consultations on the document:
  • Our remarks, suggestions and comments submitted in the above-mentioned public consultations on the Development Strategy of the E-Health Center:
  • We cooperate with the Polish Federation of Hospitals and the AI w Zdrowiu Coalition:
  • We cooperate with the Kozminski University (KU), where on March 7, 2023, the conference “How to assess the value of artificial intelligence in health care?” was held. The conference was organized by KU in cooperation with the Supreme Medical Chamber (Central Research and Education Center) and Domaniewski Zakrzewski Palinka Law Office, under the auspices of the Committee on Digitization, Innovation and Modern Technologies of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland. This is an extremely important topic, thus we actively participate in the work of KU and the Supreme Medical Chamber related to e-health, including the use of artificial intelligence in the healthcare system.
    Conference “How to assess the value of artificial intelligence in health care?” initiated a research project on the clinical, ethical, organizational and economic aspects of the use of AI in healthcare. More information on the ALK website

We create educational programs in the area of e-health.

We have cocreated with Kozminski University a unique postgraduate education program in this area: Digital Health START ME UP! which is starting 21st of January 2023: