Health Policy Institute

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Mission Vision Values


Our mission: We support a rational evidence-based health policy.

We carry out our mission through:

  • preparation of topic-specific reports (policy papers, position papers),
  • educational activities (trainings, workshops, conferences, webinars),
  • identification and presentation of the best international practices in healthcare systems,
  • exchange of Polish and international experiences and best practices.


Our vision: The Health Policy Institute Poland is a strong and independent non-governmental organization (NGO) recognized in Poland and internationally, which has a real impact on shaping evidence-based health policy in Poland.

Our VALUES are: professionalism, independence & partnership.

For us, professionalism means a professional approach to the work performed based on which we deliver high-quality results. Due to professionalism, we operate more effectively, continuously developing and strengthening our competences. Professionalism also means being open to new, often innovative, trends in evidence-based health policy.

Independence is a key value for us as an NGO, meaning a reliable and transparent approach to the work performed and health policy solutions recommended. Regardless of political influence, political options in power, as well as sources of funding obtained for our activities.

Partnership means for us constant striving to build an organizational culture of cooperation based on real partnership with health care system stakeholders, respecting people differences. We simply respect diversity. We believe that different points of view, different perspectives and opinions bring added value to the developed solutions in health care systems.

We have always supported diversity even before it was so fashionable as it is now! That is why our 2015 Statute stipulates that the Management Board seats are covered by at least 25% of the underrepresented sex