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EHMA 2023 is behind us!

On June 5-7, we had the pleasure to represent Poland at the annual conference of the European Health Management Association EHMA in Rome, Italy.
The theme of the conference was the management of health systems and proposals for sustainable solutions for complex systems.
At the invitation of EHMA, dr. Iga Lipska, Chairwoman of the Board of Health Policy Institute, speak in the second plenary session.
She discussed the implementation of innovations in hospitals, including in the context of the health technology assessment in hospitals in Central and Eastern Europe. Dr. Iga Lipska also represented the Hospital-Based HTA (HB-HTA) interest group of the globally recognized organization Health Technology Assessment international.
The Chairwoman of the Board presented results of the HB-HTA pilot conducted in seven Polish hospitals, and during the discussion she shared recommendations for other countries for the implementation of HB-HTA.
The EHMA conference was very fruitful, full of meetings with outstanding experts. It was a great opportunity to broaden our knowledge and exchange experiences. The EHMA conference is the power of inspiration and ideas for further action.

We are all glad and proud that dr. Lipska was a plenary session speaker at such distinguished event. Participation in the EHMA conference also strengthens the international position of the Health Policy Institute.